7 Reasons Why Winter is the Best Time to Sell Your Property

Date: 10 Jul 2021

Waiting for spring to sell your property? What if we told you, contrary to popular belief, winter is the best time to sell. We’ve compiled seven compelling reasons why you should sell this cold season.

1. Everyone else is waiting for spring

You can become an extremely savvy seller and use this misconception to your advantage. While everyone else is holding off to spring, there are fewer properties on sale making it easier to make your property stand out and achieve a premium sale price. The first lesson of economics is to sell when supply is low and demand is still high. Now's your opportunity.

2. Cold temperatures cannot cool a hot market

The cold never bothered keen buyers anyway! Serious buyers come out during winter and there is plenty of buyer demand right now. The June quarter saw 93% of our auctions sold compared with 88% last Spring.

3. Interest rates are at a record low

With speculation of interest rates going up soon, buyers are flocking. Mortgage interest rates have dropped to a new low of 1.9 per cent meaning buyers are keen to move forward on their pre-approvals with ticking clocks and now is a great time to finance your own purchase.

What we are still seeing is obviously lower interest rates and talk of those going up perhaps later this year. Interest rates are very favourable, still a lot of ex-pats coming home and a lot of attention here in the Hamilton/Waikato market.

-- Trent Finlay, Director

4. Winter turns your property into a warm and toasty haven

Show off your home’s winter characteristics, such as its north-facing aspect, a cozy log fire, heating system, insulation, or ambient lighting that would be overlooked on a sunny summers day. Buyers will spend more time in a warm, appealing home.

5. Leverage the winter twilight feels

Match the mood and bring a romantic feel to your property. Everything can look great with the right staging and lighting. If a house feels great in winter, it will feel amazing in summer too.

6. Sell in winter, settle in summer

Selling in the winter often secures the premium price. We also have numerous buyers looking to purchase now with a new school year or job transfer in mind. This gives you lots of time to make your next move and secure your next home.

7. The future is uncertain

Last but not the least, the time and the conditions are ripe right now. Do not wait for the uncertainty of selling in the future. Certainty equals buyer confidence.

While most vendors benefit from a winter listing, not all properties shine during winter. If you do decide to sell, we suggest you contact your trusted Harcourts consultants as they can give you unbiased expert advice on what to do next with a free property appraisal.

Book a sit down with us today and we will shout you any hot (or cold if you’re into that) beverage of your choice. See you soon!

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