Foundation Donation: Tamahere Play Centre

Date: 29 May 2019

Foundation Donation: Tamahere Play Centre

Tamahere Playcentre is a semi-rural early childhood centre in the Waikato. It runs 3 general sessions for children from birth to school age and 1 session for tamariki nui (older children) a week; our playcentre also offers quality education through the idea of parents as first educators. Playcentre parents run the sessions and engage in education that covers learning and child development, behaviour and creating engaging areas of play. When Education Review Office visited last in 2015 Tamahere Playcentre received the result that the centre is ‘very well placed’ to deliver quality education, the highest possible result.

Although Tamahere Playcentre provides quality education we must fundraise and apply for grants to improve the property and physical environment to best cater for children’s learning. We have clear direction and priorities for how to improve the physical environment and these priorities fit with their strategic plan, thus we are well placed to use money received from grants to make a real difference to the learning and development of tamariki that attend the centre. Short term goals: -secure money to replace the edging and add more soft fall material -remove existing playground which I not fit for purpose -install new playground. Our long term goal is to continue to improve our physical environment including installing more plants and a mud as per our landscape plan.

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