Neha Kapoor

Neha Kapoor

Sales Consultant to Tony

Mobile: +64 21 0243 6868
Email: [email protected]

"There is no shortcut to success- hardwork & honesty are the only pathways to it"

Neha is a strong believer in the above quote, with almost 14 years of experience across marketing, branding, customer experience & recruitment she truly understands the value of customer service.

She believes that if you listen to your clients carefully and try to give them an honest opinion and great customer service there is no way you will not earn them as a valued customer for a lifetime.

Whether it's a first home buyer, a family looking to upgrade or an investor aiming to increase their wealth- Neha's first objective is to have a true understanding of their needs and then develop a personalised marketing plan for them.

She loves to spend time with her family and in her spare time, she enjoys going on a walk with her kids, gardening and cooking different delicacies.

She can fluently speak both Hindi and English. Neha aims to create an everlasting relationship with her clients by helping them to either sell or buy their homes and make their journey most remarkable and stress-free.

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