Paul Sumner

Sales Consultant Partnered with Bobbie Sumner

Mobile: +64 21 430 980
Email: paul.sumn[email protected]

All Paul and Bobbie's listings are grouped together under Bobbie Sumner (formerly Bobbie Davies) - Harcourts Hillcrest Rural and Lifestyle Team.

Paul is a well-known salesperson in the Hamilton Real Estate industry having been active in the commercial market since early 2004. He is experienced in both leasing and selling of commercial properties and has brokered many deals through to completion with a total market value of around $65 million dollars. As of March 2012, Paul has moved into the rural and lifestyle area at Harcourts Hillcrest teaming up with his wife Bobbie Sumner. Bobbie has been a successful salesperson in the Hamilton lifestyle property market since September 2011. Having been born and raised in Hamilton and previous industry experience means Paul has established long term relationships with numerous clients and his welcoming, relaxed attitude and attentive nature ensures the job is done without fuss and uncompromised. Success in real estate comes from a combination of factors including energy, enthusiasm, a strong work ethic and commitment to achieve the client's goals. Paul brings those qualities to his business and working within an international company like Harcourts goes a long way to ensuring his clients get the best opportunity and exposure in the market place. From when he first started in real estate his motto has always been "Helping people get to where they want to be". This still stands true today. To "get where you want to be" give Paul the direction you want to head and he can help in the journey.

Freephone 07 211 7521.