Zac Entwisle

Zac Entwisle

Licensed Sales Consultant

Chartwell Office

Phone: 07 855 2144
Mobile: 020 4068 0733
Email: [email protected]

It's a pleasure to introduce myself, Zac Entwisle, to you.

I intend being your strongest marketer, advocate, and support for your next residential real estate decision.

Buying or selling property is a big deal.

Whether you're moving on to travel the world, taking on a job transfer, or cashing-up. or whether you're investing in a future lifestyle with wealth and prosperity in-mind, I promise to work hard with your goals and aspirations top-of-mind.

Part of my four-star mantra is to see the situation through your eyes. My commitments are to...

1. Put myself in your shoes: Understanding your situation, your challenges, your budget, your time frame, and your ideals will help me narrow my focus, and I will target the big-wins' and negotiate on what matters most. I will act with empathy, discretion, and confidence. Selling or buying, knowing you, your circumstance, and your property also helps me target the right channels for promotion and marketing. It'll help me target the best prospective buyers for your property; it'll help me target the right property for your upcoming purchase.

2. Offer clear and concise communication: Expect me to report on every step of the journey. For example, if you're selling and we hold an open home, I'll let you know how many land who) visited, what features attracted the most interest, where the best prospects lie, and what my next step is. If you're buying, I'll ensure I have all the market information available to help you make informed decisions, including an offer that has the most chance of success.

3. Be on-time, every time: I pride myself on punctuality and action. Perhaps it's taking care of a vital document for sign-off or maybe it's meeting for a casual coffee - no matter what, it's a matter of professionalism to me to get things done on-time. It's just another cog in the wheel of offering a smooth, reliable, service in a process where there's a lot at stake, and where mitigating stress is mart of my job.

4. Work hard, be available, be knowledgeable: Hamilton has a reputation for being a dynamic and progressive market. Changes can occur quickly. Even in a slow market, where patience and understanding is key, deals can be done in the flash-of-an-eye, and new listings can suddenly occur. I'm responsive and 'on-the-pulse', and I'll go to great lengths on behalf of my clients.

Real estate, like many things in life, is not only about identifying opportunity, but acting on it. I'm connected to a network of Hamilton's finest agents and professionals, and hard work, knowledge, and awareness can be difference between doing a deal and missing out.

In terms of background, I'm a former builder of both new homes and renovations, so l'm aware of what potential exists in almost every property.

I have an eye for what works, and I have plenty of ideas where value can be added.

I'm also a young property owner, and understand the sacrifices and advantages involved.

My goal is to make my mark in residential sales on behalf of Harcourts. I offer focus, energy, and unwavering optimism. I'm aware my success and ongoing reputation is directly correlated to the happiness and satisfaction of all the people I work with, and for.

Make no mistake, I'm here for your success. You succeed, and my success takes care of itself.

Look forward to meeting you.


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